uPVC Sliding Doors

UPVC Sliding Doors

uPVC Sliding Doors

UPVC sliding doors are one of the most preferred style of people. 

it comprises of two frames that can slide horizontally to left or right on the track, also the doors are smooth and easy to operate.

Clients mostly prefer sliding doors for living rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens and Balconies etc,.

UPVC doors are suitable to all types of buildings and it gives a classic look and doesn’t take much space.

These sliding doors have an option to add mesh track if require.

The doors open more for better sunlight and natural air and it is weather resistance and sound proof.

sliding doors are designed with touch lock feature for easy locking and highly secured with minimal maintenance.

The doors are slightly raised above the track so that it doesn’t let the dust to settle in the track.

We use a high quality product with best services.



  • Comes with touch lock point for easy feature.      
  • There is an option to add mesh according to client’s choice.
  • Rain track for a free-flow drain system
  • More ventilation
  • Gives an Elegant look